10 Free old/vintage paper textures _ Pack 02



Have you ever had a project where you had to add a touch of nostalgia into it somewhere where it hits the viewer on a subconscious level? That can be a little difficult to do especially if you need to put it into words! 


So we thought – why not put it into the words and use something else as well?  A background can be so very much a suggestive input on the mindset of the reader even before the reader had actually READ the writing. Take for example, the image that comes to mind when you visualize a ‘WANTED’ poster from a Western theme – you expect tattered edges, you expect rough texture, and you expect to see a tattooed face with a huge scar! But before the mind can gather all that information, it sees the entire piece of work as a ‘whole’. While the design aspects of the fonts, the factual information of the text and the coloring all play a huge part, let us not forget that the background would play as important a part as all of these…on a subconscious level.


We’ve put together a collection of 10 paper texture backgrounds in exclusive for our subscribers!

Download these awesome textured paper backgrounds from our SUBSCRIBERS AREA (or click on the image below), and do let us know how you used them!


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