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All the fonts, graphics, elements, frames and tools at are our original, copyrighted creations. When you purchase one of the licenses shown below for a Fonts Café product your license will never expire. It is yours forever provided you abide by the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA) that you will find inside each download package.

  • If you ever need to reinstall your licensed purchase all you need to do is sign into your secure Fonts Café account.
  • If you ever need help or support just send us a message in the Café Area. We do our best to respond right away. Please keep in mind that we're in Central European Time.


License Types


Our popular, general purpose Desktop License is ideal if you need to create graphics in software packages like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or in a text editor or page layout software like InDesign or Quark. Popular uses for this license include company logos, greeting cards, stencils, embroidery designs, art projects and signage. Any time you need to create a graphic using a Fonts Café font, the Desktop License is the one for you.

We offer two options:

  • The FULL Desktop License includes a vast range of accented letters and several symbols.
  • The LIGHT is slightly less expensive but it doesn't include all the accented letters and the symbols that are available in the FULL version (you can check both the options at the bottom of each individual font page).

Any Desktop-Licensed Fonts Café font may be installed on two computers. If you need a license for more than two computers, additional licensing options are shown once you've added a font to your cart.


If you want to replace some or all of the text on a website with the @font-face CSS rule then our Web License is right for you.

Before you buy a Web License:

  • Web versions of fonts are only designed to make website type more beautiful.
  • You cannot install a webfont from any font company on your computer. If you need to create custom graphics with one of our typefaces and then upload those JPEG, GIF or PNG graphics to your website you need the Desktop License.
  • BUT if you want a Fonts Café font for BOTH webfont use AND to create graphics in applications like Photoshop or Illustrator then we offer a 50% discount on the Web License when its purchased at the same time as the corresponding Desktop License!

Fonts Café Web Licenses are available in FULL and LIGHT versions.

Our basic Web License allows you to use the font on any single website with up to 10,000 monthly page views, but if you have a bigger, busier, higher traffic website, then you can purchase a license for more views once you've added the font to your Fonts Café shopping cart.


The Broadcast License is perfect if you're planning on creating any kind of broadcast media. If you need a Fonts Café font for a commercial, animated ad, video, TV show or movie: whether it will be shown on-line or in a theatre or cinema; our Broadcast License is required.

To get a quote tailored to your specific requirements, please contact us with some details about your project and how you'd like to use our font and we'll be glad to give you your best option based on your needs.


Working on the next hit eBook? Our eBook license lets you use our sensational, bestselling fonts in your new bestselling story!

To get a quote for an eBook License, please send us your details. We do our best to reply the same day.


Need to embed our font in your Windows or Mac application? Working on an Android or iOS app? Then the App License is for you.

To get a quote for the a Fonts Café App License, please give us some specifics and we'll promptly tailor the pricing and licensing specifically to your project.

— last updated 2017-12-29

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