"My Valentine's Love" font, 50+ free Beautiful Graphics to Show Your Love!

We've decided, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, to give away some beautiful Valentine's Day graphics to all of our subscribers to enjoy absolutely free.

The whole set of these graphics will be available only through our "Subscribers Area" and not anywhere else, and it's our way of continuing to show our appreciation for all of your wonderful support. 


Valentine's Day is truly a special day... It only comes once a year, and it's really a time for people to express their feelings for one another. There are many ways in which people express these feelings of love, such as candy, chocolates, romantic dinners, but of course, none are more common than things like cards, which are often adorned with all sorts of breathtaking graphics used to help people express how they feel. 

There are countless other things of course which require charming graphics to help make Valentine's Day a wondrous day too however, such as shop signs, invitations to events, products centered around the holiday... and the list goes on. 


For this reason, we thought it was important to make sure our loyal Fontscafe subscribers had all the graphics they needed in order to help them celebrate this most beautiful holiday, and to be able to create whatever Valentine's Day designs their hearts desire.  

You can use these designs with anything else we offer, or any other designs you have yourself in order to create absolutely beautiful images in celebration of this wonderful day.

There are hearts, swans, different dazzling designs which spell out "Love" in all sorts of unique ways, and of course, cute images of arrows going through hearts to represent Cupid's famous love-inducing bow... as well as many other designs to aid you in creating countless Valentine's Day designs.

If you're not already a subscriber, don't worry, because you still have a chance to get your hands on these because they’re available in our “Subscribers Area”. 


Just Click HERE to sign up, because you don't want to miss out on these if you're planning on making any designs which are centered around Valentine's Day. And remember, there're also countless other freebies which our subscribers enjoy, and there's more on the way.


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"Free Sketching" font, a free handwriting font just for you!

Well Summer has truly arrived in our part of the world, but the long summer days haven't been enough to stop us from creating another great free font!


The "Free Sketching" font is our latest creation which we'd been planning on giving away in the coming months, but then we noticed that we'd gotten nearly 3000 followers on Facebook.


So to celebrate and say thank you to all our Facebook followers and subscribers (almost 5000!!!) we've decided to bring the release date of our new free font a bit earlier!

If you're already a subscriber you can get the font 'here' if not signup with one of our free accounts to download this and many other cool free gifts!





Click on the image to download it!

"Free Sketching" font | Fontscafe

10 great Free "White Style" textures, personal and commercial use_Pack-05

If you’ve been looking for ways to beautify your design backgrounds, our new freebie is sure to come in handy. We’ve put together a collection of 10 "White Style" super usable textures that we hope will be a welcome addition to your kitty of free graphic tools.

If you are new to Fontscafe, you’ll be happy to know that we give out freebies every once in a way when we feel generous – and there’s lots more to come!


The background in itself can be beautified in many ways – by using gradients, by highlights and shadows…and of course the texture of the background in itself, without which none of the other beautifying techniques can hold their ground; in fact the texture is one aspect that can pretty much define the personality of your background, whatever the color and whatever the lighting. No wonder then that we decided to hand out this package of 10 super textures as our latest freebie!


We hope you will enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed making them for you. And remember – use every background texture subtly so as not to intrude over the design but to add to its cause in its entirety! As always, we would love to hear back from you on how and where you used these textures, and do keep looking out for our next freebie!

Until Next Time!


Download them now from our subscribers area and , please, SHARE, SHARE and SHARE! :)


(click on the image below or click HERE)

10 free white style textures!

10 exclusive Free Chalkboard textures!


Our "Chalk hand lettering fonts" were a huge success, but also the "Hand Shop Pack" is having very good appreciations considering it has been introduced from so few time!


We’ve since been thinking about how we could help you get even more out of this kind of fonts…also, a lot of you asked us about where we found the chalkboard texture we used with the Chalk Hand font and if there was a way to buy it....so, we did much more, we're giving it to you for free....and not one only, but we're giving 10 free Chalkboard textures!  …and by the way, these textures are up for free download, regardless of whether you purchased the Chalk fonts or not.


So, what can make the Chalk Hands Font even more believable? A background that actually looks like an old fashion slate class room board of course!


Those boards were ever-messy and powdery, with hour after hour seeing chalk rubbed off them with dusters, and chalk letters rewritten painstakingly. What this usually means was that you almost never had a clean black background where the chalk letters really stood out…not unless you cleaned the boards really well with water and sponge! What you usually did have was a greyish background with loads of crisscross where the duster had left its marks! And this is the believable feel that our ‘Chalkboard Textures’ can bring to your designs.


Do you like them? :) PLEASE, HELP TO SHARE!!! THANK YOU!


So, choose from our selection of ten textures and tell us which you found the most useful! As always, we keep track of what you find the most usable, and we use that information to bring you the best stuff that we can come up with!


Click on the Chalkboard textures below!

10 great free textures for personal and commercial use_"Pack 03"

10 Free high resolution textures (3072 x 2304)


We’ve put together a collection of some pretty unique texture elements. Use these to add that subtle touch and finesse to your creations without spending too much time worrying about the textures. And, this comes absolutely free to our readers!

As you will see, this collection of textures contains unique and stand-alone elements, each of which has a strong and individual feel to it. You could add these to your existing collection of textures (we’ve been dishing out textures more than a few times by now), and add them to your design arsenal!

Do tell us if you found these useful, and we’d simply love to see some of the designs you have created using our textures. Until next time…

Click on the image below!




fonts-lab blog

Freebie Chalk Hand Icons


You guys really loved our "Chalk Hand Lettering" fonts, going by the number of downloads, and we are delighted with this. In fact we are so happy about the response that we’ve decided to put together a few chalk-styled icons to help fine tune your chalk typography even further. 


Icons are a useful part of any website. So in addition to the main usual icons, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.... we added some more interesting options. For example, you may want to use our ‘P’ as a link to your Paypal payments page, or the ‘Y’ for Yahoo if at all – also included are the classic Windows and Apple logos (use these where you are offering two downloads, one for each?)…and also a ‘You tube’ icon!


We have put together 43 icons, and 3 versions of each, differing ever so slightly to suit your needs perfectly. That’s a total of 129 icons for free! Go ahead, download these and do let us know if you found them useful. The icons are in the versatile ‘png’ format which means you can import them to a number of programs.


Show us your "Like" and share it with your friends if you want us to do more freebies! ;)


Until next time…



Click on the lable below to download them from our subscribers area.


10 Free old/vintage paper textures _ Pack 02



Have you ever had a project where you had to add a touch of nostalgia into it somewhere where it hits the viewer on a subconscious level? That can be a little difficult to do especially if you need to put it into words! 


So we thought – why not put it into the words and use something else as well?  A background can be so very much a suggestive input on the mindset of the reader even before the reader had actually READ the writing. Take for example, the image that comes to mind when you visualize a ‘WANTED’ poster from a Western theme – you expect tattered edges, you expect rough texture, and you expect to see a tattooed face with a huge scar! But before the mind can gather all that information, it sees the entire piece of work as a ‘whole’. While the design aspects of the fonts, the factual information of the text and the coloring all play a huge part, let us not forget that the background would play as important a part as all of these…on a subconscious level.


We’ve put together a collection of 10 paper texture backgrounds in exclusive for our subscribers!

Download these awesome textured paper backgrounds from our SUBSCRIBERS AREA (or click on the image below), and do let us know how you used them!


Free for subscribers this Christmas "Hand Christmas Doodle"

Need an easy way to whip up some last-minute Christmas art?

Tada! The 100% absolutely "free-as-a-reindeer-on-December-26th" handmade "Hand Christmas Doodle" font! (for fontscafe.com newsletter subscribers - don't worry - it's free to subscribe and we don't spam - ever.)

JUST SIGN UP OR SIGN IN to the fontscafe.com Café Area and get your Hand Christmas Doodle Font today before it's too late. It's 100% free, always and forever, for any use whatsoever, so feel free to share this page with your friends unless you don't want their stuff to look as good as yours :-)

These 50 free, individual graphics range from gingerbread men and cake to candy and Santas; snowmen and snowflakes; candles, carrots and an angel … and are perfect for anyone who needs to add a magical, hand-drawn look to just about anything this time of year:

  • Christmas party invites, posters, cards & banners …
  • Winter Carnival flyers and promotions …
  • Every store's annual "50% off all Handmade Mittens Sale!" Yay!
  • Logo designs for reindeer farms, Red Nose taxi companies, Hollywood reindeer-for-hire agents, toy stores …
  • … or any time of the year you need gift and gift wrap doodles
  • and last but not least — SNOWFLAKES ... because you can make t-shirts and tank tops and totes and tea towels (or just about anything you could possibly need to wear right up until June if you live in Sweden or Norway or Eastern Canada)
    …and you can't make a snowman without the stuff!

Click HERE to get Hand Christmas Doodle AND all our other free-for-subscribers fonts.

Have a wonderfully happy handmade holiday wherever you are in the world, from all of us at fontscafe.com!

Can't see the FREE downloads? NO PROBLEMO! JUST SIGN IN.

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