Free Sketching, a free handwriting font just for you!

Well Summer has truly arrived in our part of the world, but the long summer days haven't been enough to stop us from creating another great free font!


The "Free Sketching" font is our latest creation which we'd been planning on giving away in the coming months, but then we noticed that we'd gotten nearly 3000 followers on Facebook.


So to celebrate and say thank you to all our Facebook followers and subscribers (almost 5000!!!) we've decided to bring the release date of our new free font a bit earlier!

If you're already a subscriber you can get the font 'here' if not signup with one of our free accounts to download this and many other cool free gifts!





Click on the image to download it!

"Free Sketching" font | Fontscafe

"Hand Printing Press Pack" fonts, make your Hand Printing easy!

Isn’t there something about hand printed fonts that is simply irresistible? Now, such fonts could well be associated with classic news paper prints and unforgettable stencil styled typography; but there is so much more to it than that when you live in the digital age! We’ve put together a collection of 10 fonts with that unmistakable hand-print feel, and they are sure to keep you brewing with ideas on where you can apply them.


Simply titled the "Hand Printing Press Pack", these are 10 fonts you can look forward to having in your kitty. The Normal, the Stencil, the Eroded, the Meshed and the Scraped versions of these fonts are wonderfully different from each other while they all share the underlying hand printed theme; the five mentioned fonts comprise the "Hand Printing Press Regular Pack" while the "Hand Printing Press Bold Pack" are the same fonts in their BOLD ensembles.

As usual, we have an elements package, the "Hand Printing Press Stamps" to help compliment your designs with useful graphics.


Don't miss the opportunity to get all them with a discounted price thanks to our


introductory offer,

20% Off for a limited time!


Click on the image for details!

"Hand Printing Press Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè

Fancy Script | Egregio from FontsCafe


Has it been a while since you expanded your design options with a new font? Well, that’s what Fontscafe aims to provide – an ever expanding collection of fonts that can fulfill pretty much every design need, especially when you mix and match from different fonts!


This time we bring to you the ‘Egregio’ font, a fancy script font that oozes of finesse, elegance and distinguish. This could be of particular interest to those of you who often work with an elite clientele that insist on the element of a gentlemanly charm reminiscent of the days of well-mannered chivalry and the attire to match!


Egregio is an excellent font for photographers, artists, and other creative that are looking for a script font but also want to stand out. This font is as elegant as it is bold.


Use the ‘Egregio’ font where you need to send across a message that tell your audience that what you are talking about is all about the best that the world has to offer. Use it to send across that special distinguished feeling for those special distinguished events and presentations! 


We’d love to hear back on what you feel about this brand new script from Fontscafe.

Happy designing, until next time!


Click on the image below to see more!

Egregio Script font | Fonts Cafe

"Hand Shop Pack" fonts, how to give a new look to your Vintage ads!


We’ve been thinking about what a designer needs when the requirement of the design is unlike anything that seems factory-made and to something of very special for all of you owner of a shop (be it online or offline).


…we’ve been looking back at the times when nothing WAS very factory made, even when it was factory made!

If that sounds like it’s a little hard to follow, just compare a product such as a shop banner or sign board of the current times with one from the 1940s!


During the time when every product needed some kind of finishing by human hands, the end result was a beautifully crafted piece of work with an extremely personal touch to it. It may sound like a paradox, but what gave those products that special feel was the affect of miniscule imperfections that only the human touch could produce!

Fonts are no exception by the way…


And this is why we decided to put together an all new range of Vintage fonts, something very exclusive, for those special designs that need to connect with your viewers on a highly personal level.


We're glad to introduce you the "Hand Shop EXTENDED Pack", which is a comprehensive pack containing a total of 14 fonts from the "Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" (3 fonts) , the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 01" (8 fonts)  and the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 02" (3 fonts) which are also available individually;


Click on the image below to discover the whole package!

"Hand Shop  Extended Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè


or the "Hand Shop BASIC Pack", which contains all the fonts included in the "Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" but with a simplified or ‘basic’ selection of the "Hand Shop Typography" packages (this could give you a variety of our HAND SHOP fonts at the best possible price)

"Hand Shop  Basic Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè


Well, you may be agree with us, the added "WOW factor" is in particular in the form of the "Banners & Elements", unique elements that can add a very special feeling to your creations while keeping in line with the font styles. The BANNERS & CREATIONS can work especially well for vintage shop sign-board elements that shout out things like ‘SALE!’, ‘OFFER!’ o ‘SPECIAL DEAL!’….you get the point! 

"Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè


You could also chose either the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 01" or "Hand Shop Typography Pack 02" if you don't need the specific "shop" elements but simply the Vintage look to your typography.

"Hand Shop  Typography Pack 01" fonts | Fonts Cafè

"Hand Shop  Typography Pack 02" fonts | Fonts Cafè


We really hope you are as excited as us to experiment with these all-new fonts with their unique and individualistic approach.


Do let us know how and where you find them most usable!

Free "Making Lettering" fonts family, it's our Christmas gift for You!


Updating December 27th, 2012:

If you're reading NOW this post you missed the Christmas newsletter with the free pack, check the new post for further info.


But it's not quite Christmas yet, right? ;)


We needed to grab a few minutes of your attention to give you an IMPORTANT update about our FREEBIES.


In addition to giving away free fonts and other free stuff in the subscribers section of our website (free) we're planning on including some extra special gifts with some of our newsletters over the coming year. We hope you'll enjoy these gifts and find them useful so keep an eye out for our newsletters, you never know what you might find in one. :)


But, because it's Christmas we thought we needed to do more, in our Christmas Newsletter this year we'll be giving away something extra special...


A Complete Family of FOUR FONTS! All for free!


So keep your eyes open for our Christmas Newsletter!


"Making Lettering" fonts family | Fonts Cafè

"Retroactive" fonts, welcome back to the fabulous golden era!


Have you ever wished to create designs that are similar to those bold yet charming posters and layouts of the 1950s? If you enjoy such designs, our ‘retroactive’ font is sure to give you weeks and months of pleasure. Based around the 50s lettering, this font is bold, beautiful and simple at the same time – just like the decade it has taken its inspiration from!

The font type takes you back in time to visuals of old time juke boxes, long play records, Ford Thunderbolts and classic Cadillacs, gelled hair, flying jackets on classic motorcycles, pin-up posters, simplistic diners and motels, and a time when the world was gearing itself for enormous change in the decade following the end of World War 2…

The ‘Retroactive’ font will remind your viewers of all that we mention above and more. Don’t forget to check out the ‘light’ variation of this font, which is similar in its identity but so much more elegant and less bold in appeal. We also have a special bonus element in the ‘pack’ version of both fonts-a collection of badge-like designs (which we give you in PSD and PNG formats) which you can simply place on to your creations, very much like how you could pin a badge to a fabric. Use these to highlight special words such as ‘sale’, ‘free’, ‘until stocks last’ and such!



Click on the image below to check it out!

Retroactive Pack fonts | Fonts Cafe

"Voluptate" fonts, create your new handwriting style!

As designers, we take inspiration from so many different features in life – from music, from photographs, from life-events, from stories that we read and hear of, and sometimes from other fonts. And maybe sometimes by people’s handwriting? It does make perfect sense, after all to base a font typography after its ‘manual’ counter-part and big brother – the human handwriting!


To anyone who has enjoyed Enid Blyton’s books for children, the author’s signature was something that stood out for its unique typography. You could spot an Enid Blyton book from 20 feet away in a book store, just by that special and unforgettable signature!


We hate to say this, but hand-writing in itself is probably on its way out, as most of you would agree. When was the last time any of us wrote a letter to a loved one on a special paper with a special pen? Those days are probably gone for good, while emails have pretty much taken over the world as far as messaging goes. Luckily for us designers, there are still ways to incorporate the personality of handwriting by altering the font types that we use on our designs (and our emails sometimes!). 


We don’t claim to ever be able to replace hand-written typography with a digital counterpart, but we sure can get close enough with our exciting new ‘Voluptate’ package! Take a look at this charming font which is sure to remind you of the friendliness of a hand-written note. Don’t forget to check out the variation ‘Classic’ version and as usual we have an ‘Elements’ set to give those finishing touches to your creations…


We’d love to hear back from you on what you thought of this new font pack, and we have an early bird pricing for those of you who get your selves this pack within the week – 20% off!

Click on the label below!

Voluptate Pack fonts | Fonts Cafe

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