10 exclusive Free Chalkboard textures!


Our "Chalk hand lettering fonts" were a huge success, but also the "Hand Shop Pack" is having very good appreciations considering it has been introduced from so few time!


We’ve since been thinking about how we could help you get even more out of this kind of fonts…also, a lot of you asked us about where we found the chalkboard texture we used with the Chalk Hand font and if there was a way to buy it....so, we did much more, we're giving it to you for free....and not one only, but we're giving 10 free Chalkboard textures!  …and by the way, these textures are up for free download, regardless of whether you purchased the Chalk fonts or not.


So, what can make the Chalk Hands Font even more believable? A background that actually looks like an old fashion slate class room board of course!


Those boards were ever-messy and powdery, with hour after hour seeing chalk rubbed off them with dusters, and chalk letters rewritten painstakingly. What this usually means was that you almost never had a clean black background where the chalk letters really stood out…not unless you cleaned the boards really well with water and sponge! What you usually did have was a greyish background with loads of crisscross where the duster had left its marks! And this is the believable feel that our ‘Chalkboard Textures’ can bring to your designs.


Do you like them? :) PLEASE, HELP TO SHARE!!! THANK YOU!


So, choose from our selection of ten textures and tell us which you found the most useful! As always, we keep track of what you find the most usable, and we use that information to bring you the best stuff that we can come up with!


Click on the Chalkboard textures below!



Nice textures i can't wait to try them !!

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