"Ultimate College Team" pack

"Ultimate College Team" pack

"Ultimate College Team" pack

Team work is a necessary part of college life, and during a college level competition the entire campus comes together in support of their teams when they play or perform against different universities.

The "Ultimate College Team" pack consists of 9 hand crafted fonts that capture these very emotions of team work and campus life. Our college fonts speak largely of sports activities, but also the general college themes such as 'Winner' and 'Varsity'. 


To portray a college team emotion through a font was a joy to hand craft for the FONTSCAFE team. While we've maintained a slightly elongated, solid stature of the characters of the font, subtle variations in outline, shading and textural appearances give the characters of the different varieties a unique identity. For example, our 'Warrior' variety depicts strong competitive attitude through its multi layered character style - crisp interior layer showcasing core values, and a thick outline speaking of grit and determination. On the other hand, our 'Athletics' variation is a clean and crisp font that is reminiscent of the tone and build of college athletes! All variations of the font styles remain clear and extremely readable, while they differ in unique styling. 


All the fonts in the pack convey that hot college blood, that little extra something that the identity of one student or athlete can do to tip the favors towards their team or campus - very 'college' indeed!


When you order the pack of 9, we also give you a free 'Sports Team Elements' font, which consists of handy sports related graphic elements - football, helmets, golf clubs and the like!


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