"Hot Legend Team" font

"Hot Legend Team" font

"Hot Legend Team" font

FONTSCAFE's college series fonts are all about capturing the strong emotions of university days. A 'Legend' in the university is usually the big man on campus, the top cheerleader or the class topper for that matter. A 'legend' redefines the expectations, raises the performance bar on campus, maybe sets an all new college record or takes the university status to new heights.

This is the emotion our 'Hot Legend Team' font captures.


Being a legend calls for a very strong identity, and this is what we've put into the character styles of this hand made font. Bold, strong, and unmistakably a trend setter - these are the emotions that the character styles portray with their strong black color. Notice the solidarity that come through with the three dimensional nature of the font characters...


Bold, strong and unmistakably...

but if you want to be surprised too check the whole "Ultimate College Team" Pack! You won't be disappointed! ;)


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