Fancy "Egregio Script" font

"Egregio Script" font

Fancy "Egregio Script" font


It’s time for an all-new script from Fontscafe!


Our latest, the "Egregio Script" is a sure pleaser.

As the name could suggest, it is a distinguished looking font that’s just right for those distinguished looking creations. 


"Egregio Script" could typically be used in situations where the need of the hour is formal but yet not overly old fashioned. We can imagine this font being used with designs ranging from meeting invites; posters for special occasions and formal parties or dances, even for a corporate meet…the list could go on.


As always, we are offering you this script complete with its own alphabets and numerals and extra special design elements – a total of 385 glyphs in all, created just for you! This font is sure to power pack your design arsenal with options like never before.

Do let us know how you like this new creation from Fontscafe. As always, we are more than happy to hear from you…


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