Display Of Character Vintage Illuminated Pack

Display Of Character Vintage Illuminated Pack

Display Of Character Vintage Illuminated Pack


When we think about "Vintage" there are millions of images that can fill our minds because “Vintage” is a quite generic definition and can refers to a really vast genre, but when we mention “Illumination” what comes in our minds are all those beautifully realized manuscripts with gold decorated letters, borders and elements that enriched for centuries our sense of beauty and preciousness.


The term itself, Illumination, comes from the latin word Illuminare (to light up) that gives to us an immediate idea of the ancient uses of this art, which confers preciousness and uniqueness to any kind of manuscript/document.


Our “Display Of Character Vintage Illuminated Pack” was born just trying to bring that “Illuminated uniqueness” to the modern era, where our decorative illuminated letters and numbers combined with a pinch of gold, a vintage background and a touch of creativity can become your new “magic” tools for the creation of new precious, engaging, illuminated Vintage layouts that will strongly help to “light up” your message.


Our “Display Of Character Vintage Illuminated Pack” includes 5 fonts:

  • Display Of Character Illuminated BOLD” : this font is the “basis” of the all pack. It includes decorated capital, lowercase and number only (it DOES NOT include any other accented letter or symbol) and it’s the basis for Illuminated effect!
  • Display Of Character”: this is the “regular” version of the font, the capital letters have a decorated striped top and the lowercase letter have a light shadow. Numbers follow the features of the capital letters.
  • Display Of Character Black”: in this case the capital letters are “full” color, without the striped decoration, and the lowercase letters are without the shadow. Numbers follow the features of the capital letters, therefore they're are full color.
  • Display Of Character BOLD”: it has the same features of the “regular” version, but with a bold aspect.
  • Display Of Character BOLD Black”: same features of the “regular black” version, but with a bold aspect.




With orders starting from $75 the "Display Of Characther Graphic Pack" will be totally FREE, just add it to your cart and the price will be automatically discounted of its full price.

Other options of purchase are available. If you want to know more go to the realte page here.




The same “Illuminated theme” is also available in a more essential package if you’re looking to get the most of this pack with a more convenient solution.

Check out our “Display Of Character Illuminated Essential Bold Pack” below.

Click an individual font graphic to go to the detail page for that typeface, or click here to go to the top of the page where you can add the Display Of Character Illuminated Bold Pack to your cart. You always save when you buy a fonts cafe.com font pack.:

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