New Amazing Free Chalkboard frames for All of Our Subscribers

Fontscafe is proud to be introducing our new line of free handmade chalkboard frames sent through our last newsletter. 


These frames are actually handmade (as opposed to most designs out there which are digitally created) and go perfect with many of the beautiful vintage fonts which you already know and love. 


As Fontscafe's little way of thanking you for all your wonderful support in 2013, and as our gift to you, our loyal fans, in celebration of the new year, we'll be giving these fames out absolutely free to every one of our subscribers.


If you're not a subscriber, no problem. We'd love to thank you for supporting us anyways, in any way in which you may have, so, if you want to get your hands on these, you can still subscribe HERE now and we'll get these elegant frames out to you within the next hour or so. 

We really hope you all enjoy these frames, and we're certainly excited to see what you create with them in the coming months.


These frames will go amazingly well with our Chalk Hand Lettering Pack or our "Hand Shop Extended Pack" fonts, but, they can also go along nicely with our Handwriting Draft Font, and our Hand Printed Font Packs as well.

There are also other fonts you can use with these frames as well, and we're certain you'll find plenty of creative ways to use them.


We'd love to give out these frames to as many people as possible, so please, take a moment to share this page throughout your social networks, so more artists and designers can benefit from these beautiful, handmade chalkboard frames right away. They'll only be available as free gifts for a limited time, so make sure that as many of your friends get them as possible.


We hope you all enjoy the gifts, and of course, let's make 2014 another beautiful year together!



Big Thanks

Thank you so much for these chalkboards! I love them and are very useful!

Re: Big Thanks

Hello! We're very happy you love them! :) Stay tuned...can't say more! ;)

Big Thanks

Thanks so much for these upbeat frames! Very useful!

Re: Big Thanks

You're welcome Lorelei! :) Glad you've appreciated them! Stay tuned! ;)

Download Link

I can't figure out how to find the download link.

Re: Download Link

Hello, check the newsletter and you'll find the link there! Take a look! :)

Chalkboard frames

I am having no luck with downloading these amazing frames. Can find no link.

Re: Chalkboard frames

Hi Carolyn, check the last newsletter....the link is just there! :) Enjoy!


I am logged in but do not see a link for downloading these awesome frames.

Re: link?

Hello Deanna, the link is into the today's newsletter...did you receive it? :) Check it out!


Thanks! I have them downloaded now. For some reason when I originally clicked on the image in the newsletter I was taken to the description post and not the download page.
These are so trendy and will be very useful.

Re: Success, enjoy them now! :) ...and help to share please! ;)

Chalkboard frames

Great new chalkboard frames guys! These will be very useful.

Re: Chalkboard frames

Hi Christine, glad you like them! :)

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