"Hot Warrior Team" font tape

"Hot Warrior Team" font

"Hot Warrior Team" font

University level athletics are really serious business in most countries. College level football can often lead to a national level selection if the performances match up. You got it, only the best of the 'warriors' make it to that level.

The training and dedication of these 'warriors' as they go into battle is the emotion that FONTSCAFE's 'Hot Warrior Team' font depicts.


We've hand crafted the characters to portray a go-get-it attitude, a victorious and strong willed outlook with the multi layered character style - the crisp interior level shows core values, the thick outline depicts strong will and determination while the shadow layer shows the warriors' loyalty values. All in all, this font shrieks out a warrior team attitude, perfect to portray college and university level competitive emotions.


If you're a real warrior then...you shouldn't miss the whole "Ultimate College Team" Pack! ;)


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