"Hot Campus Team" font

"Hot Campus Team" font

"Hot Campus Team" font

FONTSCAFE presents another college theme font in the 'Hot Campus Team' version.

When you think of a college campus, what are the emotions that run through your mind? Bubbling late teens, busy canteens and sports fields; light hearted humor, some challenging career oriented choices, exam preparations, and of course life on campus. 


To portray this myriad of campus emotions through a font is a lovely opportunity, and we've done just that with the 'Campus' font. As with all of our fonts, the fact that this is a hand crafted font allows us to give you something with that special human touch. We've kept the bold strong in character identity, high in contrast and bold in appearance - very much reminding the viewer of life on campus. Notice the 'old year book off the shelf' feel we've given the characters, which would no doubt evoke a bit of campus nostalgia in the viewers' minds.


All in all, this is a font that shrieks out 'campus life', catapulting you right back on the hustle and bustle of a university campus. 


If you like this, tak a look to the whole "Ultimate College Team" pack!


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