"Hot Athletic Team" font

"Hot Athletic Team" font

"Hot Athletic Team" font

We at FONTSCAFE are excited to present the latest in our college themed fonts, the 'Hot Athletic Team'.

College and University years are a defining stage of most of our lives, where we finally cement our future aspirations and gear towards a definite goal as far as career is concerned. College life is filled with high pressure both in terms of peers and in terms of performance. Our hand crafted 'Athletics' font is created keeping these college emotions in mind. 


Athletics has always been synonymous of physical skill, discipline and determination, but also a school where the “Team” has an important role and the entire campus comes together in support of their college teams. When we speak of athletics, we usually think of perfectly toned, lean young athletes, gymnasts, wrestlers and such. Our 'Athletics' font captures the essence of these subconscious images perfectly, with that unmistakable style that combines force, confidence and that feeling to be “in the Team”. 


We've maintained a slightly elongated (read lean), solid stature of the characters of the font, with some unique theme-oriented styles (check out the capital 'E' and the diagonal on the 'A') that emphasize the special qualities required by an athlete, depicting that hot college blood, that little extra something that the identity of one student or athlete can do to tip the favors towards their team or campus - very 'college' indeed!


You shouldn't miss to check out the "Ultimate College Team" Pack to see the whole collection!


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