"Handwriting draft Shaded" font tape

"Handwriting draft Shaded" font

"Handwriting draft Shaded" font

The shadows, outlines, roughness and distressed elements of this typeface's design are not shy about making a point, commanding attention or professing a prominent peculiarity. So we recommend using Handwriting draft Shaded in moderation:

  • like it's your third wish on a genie's lamp,
  • like the touch of a safecracker on the dial of a vault,
  • like it has the same number of calories as Italian ice cream.

The rules and guides that are intrinsic to all three Handwriting draft typefaces are still present in this variant: still containing its behaviour… but just barely. Its strength is in its individuality.


Used deliberately, the letters and glyphs (solo or in pairs) of Handwriting draft Shaded work equally well as drop caps for manuscripts or standalone logotype characters.


Our brainstorming notes for this typeface included uses like vintage packaging and tags, graphics for motivational and inspirational quotes, vintage news headlines, show titles and monograms.


Handwriting draft Shaded Packaging example

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