"Handwriting draft Black" font tape

"Handwriting draft Black" font

Handwriting Draft Black

Handwriting draft Black is the more serious, stronger, "grown up" version of Handwriting draft. It's still just as comfortable making headlines as its Regular and Shaded siblings and hasn't lost its easy-on-the-eyes look — just gained a more "leather armchair" feel.


Handwriting draft Black fits just as perfectly embossing the leather cover of a technical journal; charming young readers on the cover of whimsical bedtime story journey; or dangling on the jacket design for a swash-buckling sailing adventure.


Handwriting draft Black is serious enough for awards, certificates and programs, yet casual enough for treasure hunts and historical tourist guides. It's a font for works: works in progress; works of art; works of play and works of both magic and music.


Handwriting draft Black is the filled, bold, strong, heavy component of this 2016 collector's edition Handwriting font pack from fontscafe.com. Handwriting draft Black is the best of these three for use in screen-printing, embroidery and other low resolution applications (all perfectly acceptable uses of fontscafe.com licensed typefaces.)


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