"Hand Shop Typography_Pack 01" fonts

"Hand Shop Typography_Pack 01" fonts

"Hand Shop Typography_Pack 01" fonts


When you need to give your creations a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of the times when the "human touch" was such a subtle but definitive part of practically everything that was produced in the world, our "Hand Shop" series are just what the doctor ordered!

With their hand-made look, they are sure to add a feeling of personal and ‘human’ intervention to your designs!


The "Hand Shop Typography Pack 01" fonts is a complete family of 8 fonts.

The whole pack is divided into two different variants, normal (those coded with "A") and shaded (those coded with "B").

Each variant contains –

A. A light outlined font

B. A version with just the outline

C. A ‘light’ variation without the outline

D. A Bold variant

Check out some of the samples below!


The Hand Shop Typography Pack 01 is of course available as a part of the entire collection within the "Hand Shop EXSTENDED Pack", and we would definitely recommend that you take a look at the entire collection before making a decision on what you need.

If you are planning to get more than a few of these fantastically crafted super-identity fonts, the ‘Extended Pack’ could save you some money! 




Check in detail each Font:

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