"Hand Shop  Extended Pack" fonts

"Hand Shop Extended Pack" fonts

"Hand Shop  Extended Pack" fonts

Why we love Vintage fonts and ads.

There is something about the world of the past that is just not present in today’s use-and-throw scenario – the personalized touch to practically everything that was produced, be it a car, an accessory or a font for that matter!


Today everything is mass-produced for the sake of efficiency which is not really bad…

but we miss out on the individual-ity and the romanticism of something that had passed through human hands!


If you ask yourself what it is that truly differentiates anything hand-made from something that is machine-made…it is those lovely imperfections.

Those very imperfections that mankind had worked hard to eliminate could also be looked at as the very comforting touch that reassures an end user that his product has gone through personalized care and attention.

Now what if a font can portray a bit of that same emotion through your designs and ads? 


Our "Hand Shop Extended Pack" promises to add that human and Vintage touch to your designs. Take a look!

The Extended pack consists of a total of 14 fonts divided in two categories, graphics ("Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" fonts (total 3 fonts), and Typography ("Hand Shop Typography Pack 01 (total 8 fonts) and Pack 02" fonts (total 3 fonts) .

You can check them in detail clicking on the relative labels at the bottom of the page.


We hope you love the personalized feel of the ‘Hand-Shop Pack’, and we look forward to hearing how and where you used it to add that special something to your creations.


Hand Shop Extended pack




Also looks like the "Hand Shop Pack" seamlessly integrates with the “Chalk Hand Lettering Pack”!

Can you imagine the endless possibilities of development with both packages?

 Chalk Hand Lettering pack



The "Hand Shop Pack" is also available with the BASIC version.

click on the label below to learn more:

Check in detail each Pack and/or individual fonts included:

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