"Hand Shop Basic Pack" fonts

"Hand Shop Basic Pack" fonts

"Hand Shop Basic Pack" fonts


"Hand Shop Basic Pack" fonts is more or less a "concentrate" version of the "Hand Shop EXSTENDED Pack" fonts which allows to obtain a more than satisfactory result achieved with the essential elements selected from the Extended version.


The BASIC maintains the complete package "Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" fonts ensuring all the available graphics to a complete development of your old style ads, but with a specific selection concerning the typography.


So, into the basic version of our "Hand Shop Pack" we included the "Hand Shop Typography A20" and "Hand Shop Typography B10" fonts from the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 01".

We also included the "Hand Shop Typography C30" from the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 02".


As you can imagine, the ‘Hand Shop Basic Pack’ is an ideal choice when you want variety that the ‘Hand Shop Extended’ version offers, but at a slightly more affordable price tag. With the ‘Basic Pack’ you could be creating versatile layouts with versatile fonts in a matter of minutes!



Check the EXTENDED Pack:


Fonts included in the BASIC version:

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