"Hand Printing Press Pack" fonts

"Hand Printing Press Pack" fonts

"Hand Printing Press Pack" fonts

When was the last time you used a stencil to create neat hand printed fonts on paper? Quite a while if at all, we can bet!


With the advent of the digital age, hand printing has become something of the past and while computer generated fonts are unarguably neater and more precise, a designer sometimes WANTS those subtle ‘faults’ for the want of a better word; to add a touch of human connect to a design.


This is what our hand printing fonts offer you – a neatly created set of total 11 fonts that also convey a feeling of authentic hand printing in four different variations of "Normal", "Stencil", "Eroded", "Meshed" and "Scraped".

The Normal, Stencil and Eroded are probably the styles that were most common in the past, while the Meshed and Scraped too find their roots in creative hand printing techniques.We also offer you all five in ‘bold’ versions that are also reminiscent of painstaking hand created versions. And, as usual to give you an added value, we also have an ‘stamps elements’ package to go with these.

The elements have useful additional stamps graphics that you could use to create your customized stamp for any kind of use, formal, informal or simply for fun giving to your creations a touch of "official documentation".


And, if you want one more again "vintage" tool, check out the "Vintage Photoshop Action" pack to add the layouts a scratchy vintage effect with just one click of the mouse!


Check in detail each Pack or font included:

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