"Essential College Team" Pack tape

"Essential College Team" Pack

"Essential College Team" Pack

The "Essential College Team" pack is a variation of FONTSCAFE's 'Ultimate College Team' pack.

The 'Ultimate' pack offers you 9 fonts, while the 'Essential' pack offers 4 of the most essential fonts that you'd be using. 


The college theme fonts are our set of carefully hand crafted fonts which bring to you the essence of college and university team work, in visual form. The character styles are created keeping these emotions in mind. We've maintained a slightly elongated (read lean), solid stature of the characters of the font. Pretty symmetrical all round, with the odd asymmetry (check out the capital 'E' and the diagonal on the 'A'). These convey that hot college blood, that little extra something that the identity of one student or athlete can do to tip the favors towards their team or campus - very 'college' indeed!


Both when you order the 'Essential College Team' pack and the 'Ultimate College Team' pack, we also give you an additional 'Sports Team Elements' font for free!

This includes handy graphics to go with your creatives - sports helmets, football shapes, gold club shapes and so on…


Click an individual font graphic to go to the detail page for that typeface, or click here to go to the top of the page where you can add the Handwriting Draft 3-pack to your cart. You always save when you buy a fonts cafe.com font pack.:

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