Display Of Character Illuminated BOLD

Display Of Character Illuminated BOLD

The Italian word Illuminare (to light up), convey clearly the idea of the value of the art of decorating manuscripts and important documents of the Illuminated Era. The process was really time-consuming and expensive. Any detail was entirely written, designed and colored by hand with a vast use of Gold (or Silver) leaf applied to both letters and images.


The use of Gold in particular was used to share the sense of richness, courage, compassion, power and wisdom.


Usually the manuscript was starting with a bigger "Illuminated Letter", masterfully decorated, with some images around it, like to emphasize an “introduction”, a sort of “illumination” toward what that will become the personal path of the reader.

Our "Display Of Character Illuminated BOLD" wants to be a “modern version” of those Capital Illuminated Letters (and numbers) that can help you to “light up your message”, making it prominent and... sometimes golden as well!


If you want to re-create e FULL "Illuminated experience", we strongly suggest to have a look to the whole set of fonts included in our Display Of Character Vintage Illuminated Pack, there are FREE graphics available with it too!


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