"Chalky Back to School" Pack tape

"Chalky Back to School" Pack

"Chalky Back to School" Pack

When a fresh school year is on the cards, it might be the right time to think about your next school related project.


School life has always been associated with carefree days (well, most of them at least), children blossoming into teenage, life long friendships, and homework and play. Not to forget the classrooms!

Fontscafe selected for you a collection of carefully handpicked fonts that are just perfect for your “back to school” campaign or school related designs.

where blackboards and chalk are the core.


The pack contains three primary fonts, the "Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded" font, the "Handwriting draft" font and the "Hot Winner Team" font, all variations for a great chalk feel. These three fonts should give you a nice variety of chalky characters to use for your school campaigns.


However, we do realize that a true chalk feel is a little unfinished without a true blackboard feel! So we’ve also put together 3 free Chalkboard templates that are useful as backgrounds, to really make the chalk characters feel at home in your designs. 


As often we do with our packs, we also offer the "Back to School elements" with this pack, which are handmade detailed graphic elements that help to empower the “school” theme.

A little something extra with the chalk fonts is the "Handmade Fancy Frames" font. If you remember, back in the blackboard days when somebody wrote down an announcement on a classroom board, they often made symmetrical shapes around the lettering to emphasize and give it a special feel. That’s exactly what you can do with the Handmade Fancy Frames font.


Given the infinite creative options we bring to you in this pack of fonts and elements, it should be more than all you need to create your next back to school campaign and school related project.

You won't be needing to look anywhere else for your creations - this pack has it all!


Chalky Back to School pack

Chalky Back to School pack

Chalky Back to School pack

Chalky Templates Fontscafe


You may also download the free "Photoshop Chalk effect" pattern, the free "Chalkboard textures" pack and other textures that may be useful for your campaign from our "Subscribers Area",

just be sure to be logged to be able to see the downloading page!

If you don't have a Fontscafe account yet, you can create a free one from here.


Chalkboard templates


Click the pack or an individual font graphic below to go to the detail page for that typeface, or click here to go to the top of the page where you can add the "Chalky Back to School" Pack to your cart. You always save when you buy a fontscafe.com pack.:

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