"Chalk Hand Lettering Pack" fonts

"Chalk Hand Lettering Pack" fonts

It is one thing to be able to painstakingly create chalk typography on slate, and quite another to painstakingly recreate it on a digital format. We’ve made the latter a piece of cake for you, with our Chalk Lettering Fonts pack on offer this week. Bring the magic of chalk lettering into your digital creations with this delightfully vintage font that will leave your viewers guessing how you created such a unique design element. And what’s more, we’ve put together a choice of 3 variants to mix and match!


A. The "Chalk Hand Lettering" font – As the name suggests, this font allows you the make hand-written font designs which are reminiscent of the chalk typography of the past; the difference is of course the fact that you can create your design elements in a matter of seconds.

B. The "Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded" Font – This is identical to the basic Chalk Hand Lettering font, except for the fact that it adds a shaded outline to the right of the letters, very much like chalk shading on slate. Have you ever tried adding that extra touch to lettering on slate, by adding shading to one side of the letters? Well, this gives the same effect.

C. The "Chalk Hand Elements" – This unique and useful little extra allows you to add design elements to the chalk fonts. These could be simple banner-style design elements to add a touch to title elements and spaces, short handwriting style notes to sign off the entire piece of work, or simply artistic shapes to add a touch of ingenuity to empty areas on your design.


To give your design a truly unique touch, we strongly suggest you make use of all three font variants to fine tune your work and make it truly a one-of-a-kind!


There are a lot of possibilities to create the Chalk effect with Photoshop, anyway you can download the pattern used here from the "subscrbers area".




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