"Chalk Hand Lettering Pack" fonts

"Chalk Hand Lettering Pack" fonts

Make your audience swoon with the magical effects of authentic chalk hand lettering.

This delightfully vintage Fonts Café 3-font bundle will save you time and money with two, full-featured character fonts, and a third that's jam packed with 52 presentation-ready graphic elements:

  1. Our Original "Chalk Hand Lettering" font lets you create vintage handwritten designs, reminiscent of the chalk typography of yesteryear: from posters to menus; invitations to logos; photographer's watermarks to flowing signatures — in no time at all — whether you use a blackboard or chalkboard background, as shown in some of our graphics, or place your type creation over photos, pastels or bright, modern, solid colours.
  2. Have you ever tried adding an extra element of depth to lettering on slate, a chalkboard or a whiteboard by outlining, offsetting or shading the letters, numbers or characters? “Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded” to the rescue! The Shaded version of this classroom classic font adds a fine, hand-drawn drop shadow effect to the right hand side of each character -- presto -- class dismissed!
  3. And last but not least, "Chalk Hand Elements" contains 52 super-easy-to-use and ultra-time-saving banners, borders, ribbons, swashes, ornaments, frames and preformatted text elements including; New, Special offer, Thank You and You’re Invited. Most importantly, each graphic element in this artistic elements version of the font is designed to compliment the rest of the Chalk Hand Lettering Collection perfectly: accent white space; add finishing touches to a headline, a flourish to a page number, index or table of contents; vintage-style book covers, ebook graphics or packaging.

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2 Freebies and 1 Bonus Tip:

  • Tip 1: Integrating characters and elements from two or more of the individual fonts in this Fonts Cafe Chalk Hand Lettering Pack will give your designs a 'match made in heaven' look.
  • Freebie 1: You can easily create chalkboard background effects in minutes, just like the ones we often use in our Chalk Hand fonts graphics, by grabbing our free, ready-made and ready-to-download PSD pattern in the Fonts Café subscribers area.
  • Freebie 2: Also free for Fonts Café subscribers is our chalk-style social media icon set (PNGs.)

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