"Chalk Hand Elements"

"Chalk Hand Elements"

"Chalk Hand Elements"

Try Our Chalk Hand Elements to Beautify Your Font Designs.


Have you ever had to make a semi-permanent chalk design on board or concrete? This was an art in its own right during the days when chalk was commonly used to make writings and typographic art on slate and cement surfaces. Of course this could be quite a messy affair with chalk dust all over the poor ‘artist’! Why don’t you try out our Chalk Hand fonts to get that very same feel on your digital designs?

Our pack of three fonts "Chalk Hand Lettering Pack" offers a classic "Chalk Hand Lettering" font, a variation with Shadows "Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded" and the "Chalk Hand Elements".


The first 2 are pretty self explanatory and help you make font types that once adorned black boards in so many school classrooms and Typography art.


If you’ve ever been in such a class room, we bet you have also seen certain little pieces of art to accompany the title fonts, the ending fonts or simply as a visual treat anywhere in the body of the work. These typically included banner-shaped art work that preceded o succeeded the titles, or even posed as a background for the title fonts…


Our Chalk Hand Elements offers you exactly the same design elements, to supplement your vintage fonts. We hope you use all three offered chalk fonts together to create nostalgic chalk hand designs!



There are a lot of possibilities to create the Chalk effect with Photoshop, anyway you can download the pattern used here from the "subscrbers area".



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