"Bold Pressing Pack" fonts

"Bold Pressing Pack" fonts

"Bold Pressing Pack" fonts


Looking for a Historic Letterpress Vibe? Try the Bold Pressing Fonts 


Ahh… the days of the small press, back when everyone cared about high quality art and craftsmanship.  Standing out from the crowd can always be a bit tricky, but Fontscafe.com’s Bold Pressing Fonts is definitely an eye-grabber.

By recalling the artisanal tradition of the letterpress, you are sure to get noticed. 


This font pack comes with 5 variants with different print effects and 2 variants of “elements”, one with a plain color and one with a scratched effect, in order to fit any “typographic” font version.  Any designer looking for a vintage style look, a letterpress effect, something edgy or even the perfect font to be incorporated into a steampunk design will love these aged and worn looking fonts.

Creative design elements abound and are sure to give you a lot of diverse and exciting options.


One of the great things about these new fonts is that they will save you a tremendous amount of time while giving you a decidedly professional looking final product.  This, of course, means that this font pack is perfect not just for seasoned professional designers looking to save time on their design work, but also for people without a great deal of graphic experience.


Design elements that resemble wood engravings or even linoleum blocks are bold and even a little edgy.  This font pack seems as though you created each element in painstaking fashion by hand. 

Want to look like an original artist?  You need Fontscafe’s Bold Pressing Fonts!


"Bold Pressing Pack" fonts

"Bold Pressing Pack" fonts

"Bold Pressing Elements" fonts

Bold Pressing Elements

Check in detail each Pack and/or individual fonts included:

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