The 25-bites-or-less cookies policy: is possibly the world's favourite vintage fonts, elements and bundles shop. "We promise never to use cookies that transmit personally-identifiable information about you."

A brief, fun, vintage look at cookies:

In the city of Prato (not far south of the Lombardy region of Italy, where the first Fonts Café font designs were born) cookies are called biscotti. They're twice-baked, oblong, dry, dunkable, crunchy almond biscuits that often arrive aside an espresso, whose birthplace was virtually "just down the road," in Milan.

Fonts Cafe cookies, biscotti on a blue plate with coffee Biscotti cookie and coffee photo courtesy Liliana Fuchs

But the Internet was not born in Italy and nor was the modern, virtual cookie. It was born in the USA — land of cookies made from magical mixtures of sugar, chocolate chips, flour, sweetened coconut, raisins and ginger (like the kind you'll find in the gingerbread man cookie illustration in our Hand Christmas Doodle font) and baked with love by moms and grandmothers wearing calico and gingham aprons decorated with teacups, hearts, ponies and peaches.

Fonts Cafe aprons on a backyard clothesline Aprons on a clothesline image photo courtesy Lisa Yarost

Like their real cookie cousins, web cookie ingredients and recipes vary, from secure cookies to persistent cookies to third-party cookies.

We use cookies at because we think we can provide you with a better experience if we know:

  • where in the world you are from,
  • how long you stay at and on which pages,
  • which individual fonts, elements, designs or packs seem to interest you,
  • which stories you read and whether you comment,
  • what clickable things you click,
  • and whether you continue on to our Facebook or Pinterest pages. is vintage but we're not old-fashioned so we use Google's analytic service to understand these trends. Here's more about Google's security and privacy principles and a way to opt out.

Familiar cookie examples:

  • Whenever you agree to letting a site "remember" you, that's a cookie.
  • When you tell Google it's okay to "always translate Italian websites into English for you," it takes a cookie to do that.
  • When you tell a website that you're "okay" with a cookie policy page like this one, yep, that's a cookie's job.
  • When you let a website know your location. Presto! Cookie!
  • And if you find yourself almost always logged in when you visit your favourite shopping site… cookie!

For a more definitive guide to Internet cookies visit Wikipedia's HTTP cookie page.

Revisions to this Fonts Café policy:

Fonts Café reserves the right to revise any and all of our policies, including this one, at any time. We will post a notice of any changes here, in our subscribers area and include it in our regular mailings to registered users (where we also post links to subscriber-only free fonts, elements and fun!)

Last amended: December 1, 2015 (amm)

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