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In this tutorial we will show you how to install the vintage Photoshop action created by us to add a vintage scratchy effect to your projects, which was a free gift to our subscribers.


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Don't worry, this Photoshop action set is still available. You can purchase on our "exclusive on FontsCafe" page.


This action is composed from a set of 10 different patterns and we have provided 10 Photoshop actions to automatically apply the patterns to your design elements in just one click! We will demonstrate how to apply the patterns to your desing element using one of these actions and patterns. In order for the actions and patterns to work properly you must install them first on your system.


You can see how easy it can be through the video tutorial or reading (and downloading at the bottom of the page) the step by step tutorial below:


Video tutorial.


Step by step transcript.

Mac users:


If you are using a Mac based computer you will need to open up “Finder.




Then you will need to go to your hard drive, select “Users, “Your Name, and then go to “Library, “Application Support, “Adobe, “Photoshop, “Presets, and then you will need to open up the file that you downloaded from our site. Then, open a new window here, and you will need to copy the action file into the action folder which has the .atn file extension.




You will then need to do the same for the patterns file, which has the .pat file extension.


Windows users:


If you are using a Windows based computer, depending on your operating system, you will need to get to “My Computer so you can access your hard drive. Once you are at your hard drive you will need to select “Program Files, “Adobe, “Photoshop, “Presets, and then copy the files into the patterns and actions folder.


Loading the action:


Then, we can go back to our project here.


Let’s go to the actions palette here, with the “Play Button, and we will need to load the action. Go to the appropriate menu, go to “Load Actions, and then we’ve got the file in there. Go ahead and open that; you now have those actions loaded.




Are the Patterns installed correctly?


You will also want to make sure that the patterns are installed; one way that you can do this is to double click the file back in your finder.




Another way to check that the patterns are loaded, we can go up here to “Layer, “New Fill Layer, “Pattern, say “OK, and you can check here; it looks like here are some of the patterns that we’ve provided you.




If it didn’t load there, you can do the little arrow right there and say “Load Patterns". 




Playing with the Vintage Photoshop Action:


OK, let’s go ahead and cancel out of all this, now let’s see these actions in action.


First let's make sure that we have the correct layer selected that we want to apply the action to.

We will go back to the action palette over here, look at the distressed texture overlay set, and let’s choose one of these actions here and hit the play button.




Let’s look at our layer palette; we now have a nice vintage scratchy effect applied to our original image. And you can see we have a mask layer, and another working layer that we can do different effects to. The nice thing about this action is that it will not touch your original image. It's completely editable.



Let's go through a couple of ways that we can customize this effect; One of the first things you can do is change the color of this scratchy effect. You can pick through the color selector, or choose a color in your swatches that you already have picked out for your project, and we will click OK after choosing a color.




Another thing you can do is change the opacity of the mask layer. And that will either decrease the effect of the scratches on the image, or we can bring it back up to its full effect by setting back at 100% opacity.




We can also change the layer blending mode on the working layer. We can try Lighten, and see how that changes things up a little. Or we can try Multiply to give a different effect. You can also change the opacity of this layer to bring back in some of the original artwork.




We can also color the background.




We can also see what using a different color will do to the effect. We can see how this changes the effect.



These are only some of the ways you can customize the actions we have provided you, but the possibilities are infinite.


We hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and come back to FontsCafe. In fact, why go?


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And if you want also to learn more about patterns, check out FontsCafe's tutorial on "how to create a texture and save it as a pattern in the preset manager".




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