Freebie Chalk Hand Icons


You guys really loved our "Chalk Hand Lettering" fonts, going by the number of downloads, and we are delighted with this. In fact we are so happy about the response that we’ve decided to put together a few chalk-styled icons to help fine tune your chalk typography even further. 


Icons are a useful part of any website. So in addition to the main usual icons, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.... we added some more interesting options. For example, you may want to use our ‘P’ as a link to your Paypal payments page, or the ‘Y’ for Yahoo if at all – also included are the classic Windows and Apple logos (use these where you are offering two downloads, one for each?)…and also a ‘You tube’ icon!


We have put together 43 icons, and 3 versions of each, differing ever so slightly to suit your needs perfectly. That’s a total of 129 icons for free! Go ahead, download these and do let us know if you found them useful. The icons are in the versatile ‘png’ format which means you can import them to a number of programs.


Show us your "Like" and share it with your friends if you want us to do more freebies! ;)


Until next time…



Click on the lable below to download them from our subscribers area.


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