10 great Free "White Style" textures, personal and commercial use_Pack-05

If you’ve been looking for ways to beautify your design backgrounds, our new freebie is sure to come in handy. We’ve put together a collection of 10 "White Style" super usable textures that we hope will be a welcome addition to your kitty of free graphic tools.

If you are new to Fontscafe, you’ll be happy to know that we give out freebies every once in a way when we feel generous – and there’s lots more to come!


The background in itself can be beautified in many ways – by using gradients, by highlights and shadows…and of course the texture of the background in itself, without which none of the other beautifying techniques can hold their ground; in fact the texture is one aspect that can pretty much define the personality of your background, whatever the color and whatever the lighting. No wonder then that we decided to hand out this package of 10 super textures as our latest freebie!


We hope you will enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed making them for you. And remember – use every background texture subtly so as not to intrude over the design but to add to its cause in its entirety! As always, we would love to hear back from you on how and where you used these textures, and do keep looking out for our next freebie!

Until Next Time!


Download them now from our subscribers area and , please, SHARE, SHARE and SHARE! :)


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10 free white style textures!

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