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Fonts-lab with the last new Old Vintage font! "Old printing press" font.

The last cool font by! 
"Old printing press" font for great old vintage documents!

 Click on the image below for see the FULL and LIGHT versions available!



fonts-lab blog

A gift to our subscribers! a free fonts for personal and commercial use in exclusive!


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Well, click on the font below to learn more!


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"fonts-lab Symphony" font, for your best wishes!

A touch of curly handmade effect for a "chic" and elegant result! Click on the image below!


Are you looking for an unique Christmas font? "fonts-lab Symphony" font", an unique gothic font for your Christmas wishes or elegant and refined documents.


A touch of curly handmade effect for a "chic" and elegant result! Click on the image below!


fonts-lab blog

Fontscafe for "Tales of Nalstone" font project


I'm glad to talk you about "Tales of Nalstone" font project, because was been a very fun project for me and because I think is interesting know about the background of those projects developed with a great passion and creativity.

Yun asked me to develop a custom font for his "Tales of Nalstone" project and gave me like reference the artwork below...

...hey, nice project! I thought.... :)

So, on the basis of his specific requests (considering also the use of his 3D program) this is the font I've created. :)

And here below you can see how they have developed it with the new treatment! Nice! :)

So, I think worth have a look to TALES OF NALSTONE PRODUCTION BLOG, it's interesting and fun follow the development of the background of this project, I was really enchanted from the "Nardeen updated 2" video...really too fun!!!

Well... a nice and fun project! I wish them a lot of success! :)


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The last madness of! Handwriting font Full version 5$ matter!


"5 $ matter" font is very nice handwriting font for any kind of handwriting documents almost for free!!! FULL version for COMMERCIAL USE.

A promotion in exclusive for our subscribers! We take care about them! :)

Click on the image below to learn more!


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Fun, fun, fun, the new "Writing something by hand" font


Very fun our last font "Writing something by hand", a real hand made result for a fun new way to write your handwriting documents.

Try the free version and have a fun with it! :)


Click on the layout below for see the FULL versions available!

writing something by hand font


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"Universal College" font, the new font available!


One of the classic font revised with a sketched style for a new cool and unique vintage look!

The look of your team will be absolutely the best one! ;)

Click on the image below for see the FULL versions available!

See also "Universal COLLEGE draft", click on the image below!

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fonts-lab blog

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