Vintage Chalk-Style Typography Fonts to Add A Classic Touch to Your Designs


It’s been more than a few years since any of us wrote on a slate using chalk. As old fashioned and tiresome as this process was, it worked wonders to build an individual’s handwriting, simply because it was so much harder to write with chalk on slate than it was to write on paper with a fountain pen! Or let us say, it was difficult to write with chalk on slate and make it look pretty, much easier so with a fountain pen.  Today that is obviously had to imagine, when fountain pens themselves are out of fashion!


From this era of painstaking writings on slate and blackboards arose a typography art form in its own right – the art of making beautiful hand-written fonts on slate and cement, using nothing more than different colored chalks, mostly chalk. 


Fontscafe has put together a collection of three fonts to give you just the feel we speak of above – chalk! Our Chalk Hand Lettering font will work really well wherever you wish to add that chalk-on-slate feel to your design fonts, be it a banner, a paperback cover or an invite! As usual, we have font variations included in the pack to help you put together unique combinations and give your own design a special identity. Our ‘shaded’ variation of the chalk hand lettering is reminiscent of that extra special effort someone had to make to make a chalk-on-board font more special by adding shading to one side of the lettering (its on the right side on our version). Add to that our ‘elements’ variation, which enables you to add unique banner backdrops and design elements, and you have the tools to truly give a black-board slate like presentation to your designs! 


We see this fonts package assisting you in all kinds of designs that require a chalk-on-slate typography effect....and of course, much more!

Click on the label below!

Chalk Hand Lettering Pack fonts | Fonts Cafe

"Marmellata (Jam)" font. One font, three unique styles...and more.

Marmellata, or Italian for ‘Jam’ brings to mind images of freshly baked breads, breakfast tables and generally a homely disposition, sending across a motherly, comforting feeling. This is exactly why you could choose to use the Marmellata fonts on suitable designs. The most obvious applications of such fonts could be on food items, but why limit your creativity to the obvious?!?! Use these fonts anywhere that you want to convey feelings of warm and positive energy. Some of what we could suggest are – children’s books and websites, kiddie party invitations, nature cures, home remedies, brunch advertisements, cooking classes; maybe even photo restoration services (which of course are more often than not memorable images that speak of happy times gone by). These are but a few fleeting ideas off the top of our heads, and we believe you could find many more uses for these wonderfully happy fonts. 


As you can well imagine, the nature of these fonts makes them extremely flexible and usable, on a variety of different media.


We now present you with two variations of the Marmellata fonts pack – the Jar 1 and the Jar 2! And what’s more, look out for the Alternates freebie which we give with the pack. It gives an aesthetic and symmetric appeal to initial and final characters of your lettering. You could use a combination of the Alternates with the Jar 1 or jar 2 font sets, to make absolutely unique fonts! 


Click on the image below to learn more...

Marmellata (Jam) Pack font | Fonts Cafe


Don't forget to enjoy of the Desktop FULL version of our "Sign handwriting" font.

Now completely FREE for our facebook fans! :)


New fonts set, “Henry Circus Pack”: The fascinating “look” of the Old Circus


The fascinating “look” of the Old Circus is now captured in our new fonts set, the “Henry Circus Pack”.

Two new vintage fonts, each with a touch of fun detail, that gives a nod to the travelling circuses of 19th century United States.


With high readability it's great for conveying a unique vintage feel and giving your titles and layouts an unusual retro style of... travelling into the Circus!


We're proud to introduce " Henry Old Circus" and "Henry Rodeo Circus".


Henry Old Circus font | Fonts Cafe


Henry Rodeo Circus  font | Fonts Cafe


Find both the fonts together in a unique exclusive Pack: “Henry Circus Pack”

Henry Circus Pack  fonts | Fonts Cafe

Fonts-lab has changed to Fontscafe and we celebrate it with a free font!

We're excited to annunce the last news: we have a new name, a new look, and a new address:!

To celebrate this change we are sharing one of our most popular premium fonts...for FREE!


Click on the image and download the free handwriting font. Enjoy!

Fonts-lab becomes Fontscafe!


With a whizz and a bang, the experiments held in the font lab are finally coming to fruition.  The wizards and boffins that have been working day and night in the font lab brewing up the most exciting and delectable fonts available to mankind have got the ingredients cooked together just right, and we’re pleased to announce the launch of  Welcome!



Don’t worry, all of your favorite fonts from are still available, in a new, fresh, interface that makes ordering a breeze.


The new Café area is a bohemian artist’s collective - on our new café area we encourage all artists to pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and discuss the finer arts of graphics and design.  Fonts are a big part of this, but feel free to discuss all areas of graphical design – what you think works well, who inspires you, and what makes your life easier.  Muse over problems you are having with the help and advice of other artists and experts.

Best of all, the coffee is on the house!


We’re working hard to make FontsCafe the place to come for ideas, inspiration and discussion on how to best use fonts to get your important message across.  We know that fonts are integral to how your business is perceived, and how they can help build your brand.  Using fonts correctly both online and offline is an art, and we want to offer as much advice and guidance as we can.  If you have any tutorials or questions you would like us to cover, please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to satisfy!


Fonts are our business and we love them, but we’re also aware that design cannot live on fonts alone, and therefore we will be covering topics such as using proper design principles when putting together your websites, advertising, and anything else you need fonts for.  There are right and wrong ways to use fonts, and we’re here to give advice, examples, and expert guidance. 


We’re also going to adding a range of new fonts to our selection of font packs and bespoke fonts.  We are sure you are going to love them.  If you have your own font that you need digitized, just get in touch and we’ll be able to help you out.  


Licensing fonts is important, but we also know that cost is a major factor if you’re just planning on using a font sparingly.  Therefore we offer both full commercial licenses, and light versions - which just contain the main glyphs.  If later you decide you need the whole shebang, you’re free to upgrade at just the cost of the difference between the full and light versions.


If you are a font artist, we’d like to hear from you.  FontsCafe would love your help to make the cafearea the best resource for tutorials, knowledge and expert information on the internet.  Please connect with us using our contact form.

A cool handwriting font for your best "Contribute"! Carpe diem!


What is your Contribution?

Who can forget the famous film " Dead Poets Society"?

We all have cried at the end of that film with "O Captain My Captain", the poem by Walt Whitman.

We've created our new font inspired from one of the most touching phrase of that film always coming from Walt Whitman, the following on the image....

what is your verse?

Click on the image below to see the versions available!


Contribute font | Fonts Cafe


"I'm fashionista!" font, cool, glamour and trendy! Be fashionista you too! ;)

"I'm fashionista!" is the right font for who is looking for a cool and glamour style! 

Great for magazines, blogs, websites and any kind of print materials!


Check it out, click on the image below!


"Basically Serif" font, for web and print layouts, make everything simple!

Hello! Happy New Year! We're back with a new font!
New Year, new font! :)

"Basically Serif Pack" is a complete family of 6 fonts ideal for Web design and print layouts.
You cand find Normal, Normal Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Light and Light Italic versions, but you can also buy each of them separately on the basis of your needs, click on the image below to check them!



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