"Voluptate" fonts, create your new handwriting style!

As designers, we take inspiration from so many different features in life – from music, from photographs, from life-events, from stories that we read and hear of, and sometimes from other fonts. And maybe sometimes by people’s handwriting? It does make perfect sense, after all to base a font typography after its ‘manual’ counter-part and big brother – the human handwriting!


To anyone who has enjoyed Enid Blyton’s books for children, the author’s signature was something that stood out for its unique typography. You could spot an Enid Blyton book from 20 feet away in a book store, just by that special and unforgettable signature!


We hate to say this, but hand-writing in itself is probably on its way out, as most of you would agree. When was the last time any of us wrote a letter to a loved one on a special paper with a special pen? Those days are probably gone for good, while emails have pretty much taken over the world as far as messaging goes. Luckily for us designers, there are still ways to incorporate the personality of handwriting by altering the font types that we use on our designs (and our emails sometimes!). 


We don’t claim to ever be able to replace hand-written typography with a digital counterpart, but we sure can get close enough with our exciting new ‘Voluptate’ package! Take a look at this charming font which is sure to remind you of the friendliness of a hand-written note. Don’t forget to check out the variation ‘Classic’ version and as usual we have an ‘Elements’ set to give those finishing touches to your creations…


We’d love to hear back from you on what you thought of this new font pack, and we have an early bird pricing for those of you who get your selves this pack within the week – 20% off!

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