"Retroactive" fonts, welcome back to the fabulous golden era!


Have you ever wished to create designs that are similar to those bold yet charming posters and layouts of the 1950s? If you enjoy such designs, our ‘retroactive’ font is sure to give you weeks and months of pleasure. Based around the 50s lettering, this font is bold, beautiful and simple at the same time – just like the decade it has taken its inspiration from!

The font type takes you back in time to visuals of old time juke boxes, long play records, Ford Thunderbolts and classic Cadillacs, gelled hair, flying jackets on classic motorcycles, pin-up posters, simplistic diners and motels, and a time when the world was gearing itself for enormous change in the decade following the end of World War 2…

The ‘Retroactive’ font will remind your viewers of all that we mention above and more. Don’t forget to check out the ‘light’ variation of this font, which is similar in its identity but so much more elegant and less bold in appeal. We also have a special bonus element in the ‘pack’ version of both fonts-a collection of badge-like designs (which we give you in PSD and PNG formats) which you can simply place on to your creations, very much like how you could pin a badge to a fabric. Use these to highlight special words such as ‘sale’, ‘free’, ‘until stocks last’ and such!



Click on the image below to check it out!

Retroactive Pack fonts | Fonts Cafe

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