"Making Lettering" fonts family, last chance to downloading the free pack.



Updating February 28th, 2013:

The last chance to download the free pack will end today! Be sure to have it right now!


Ok OK... so it turns out only giving a few days notice about the gift in our December Newsletter meant a lot of people missed out, not only that but it proved much more popular than we expected!


As you know from our previous post, starting with Christmas but extending through the rest of the year we'll be giving away free gifts in some of our Newsletters. These Gifts would normally only be available through the newsletter, however, since it's Christmas time yet and we left it so late we've decided to find a way to let those people who missed the Christmas Newsletter get a FREE copy of the "Making Lettering" Fonts Pack that we gave away. BUT only this once! 


So subscribe to our Newsletter right now, you'll be guaranteed to receive the freebies we give away over the coming year and you'll *also* receive instructions within the hour on how to download the "Making Lettering" Fonts Pack we gave away in the Christmas Newsletter.

If you have already subscribed just after the newsletter was sent you're going to receive an e-mail shortly.

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