"Hand Shop Pack" fonts, how to give a new look to your Vintage ads!


We’ve been thinking about what a designer needs when the requirement of the design is unlike anything that seems factory-made and to something of very special for all of you owner of a shop (be it online or offline).


…we’ve been looking back at the times when nothing WAS very factory made, even when it was factory made!

If that sounds like it’s a little hard to follow, just compare a product such as a shop banner or sign board of the current times with one from the 1940s!


During the time when every product needed some kind of finishing by human hands, the end result was a beautifully crafted piece of work with an extremely personal touch to it. It may sound like a paradox, but what gave those products that special feel was the affect of miniscule imperfections that only the human touch could produce!

Fonts are no exception by the way…


And this is why we decided to put together an all new range of Vintage fonts, something very exclusive, for those special designs that need to connect with your viewers on a highly personal level.


We're glad to introduce you the "Hand Shop EXTENDED Pack", which is a comprehensive pack containing a total of 14 fonts from the "Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" (3 fonts) , the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 01" (8 fonts)  and the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 02" (3 fonts) which are also available individually;


Click on the image below to discover the whole package!

"Hand Shop  Extended Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè


or the "Hand Shop BASIC Pack", which contains all the fonts included in the "Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" but with a simplified or ‘basic’ selection of the "Hand Shop Typography" packages (this could give you a variety of our HAND SHOP fonts at the best possible price)

"Hand Shop  Basic Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè


Well, you may be agree with us, the added "WOW factor" is in particular in the form of the "Banners & Elements", unique elements that can add a very special feeling to your creations while keeping in line with the font styles. The BANNERS & CREATIONS can work especially well for vintage shop sign-board elements that shout out things like ‘SALE!’, ‘OFFER!’ o ‘SPECIAL DEAL!’….you get the point! 

"Hand Shop Banners & Elements Pack" fonts | Fonts Cafè


You could also chose either the "Hand Shop Typography Pack 01" or "Hand Shop Typography Pack 02" if you don't need the specific "shop" elements but simply the Vintage look to your typography.

"Hand Shop  Typography Pack 01" fonts | Fonts Cafè

"Hand Shop  Typography Pack 02" fonts | Fonts Cafè


We really hope you are as excited as us to experiment with these all-new fonts with their unique and individualistic approach.


Do let us know how and where you find them most usable!

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