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Has it been a while since you expanded your design options with a new font? Well, that’s what Fontscafe aims to provide – an ever expanding collection of fonts that can fulfill pretty much every design need, especially when you mix and match from different fonts!


This time we bring to you the ‘Egregio’ font, a fancy script font that oozes of finesse, elegance and distinguish. This could be of particular interest to those of you who often work with an elite clientele that insist on the element of a gentlemanly charm reminiscent of the days of well-mannered chivalry and the attire to match!


Egregio is an excellent font for photographers, artists, and other creative that are looking for a script font but also want to stand out. This font is as elegant as it is bold.


Use the ‘Egregio’ font where you need to send across a message that tell your audience that what you are talking about is all about the best that the world has to offer. Use it to send across that special distinguished feeling for those special distinguished events and presentations! 


We’d love to hear back on what you feel about this brand new script from Fontscafe.

Happy designing, until next time!


Click on the image below to see more!

Egregio Script font | Fonts Cafe

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