Vintage Chalk-Style Typography Fonts to Add A Classic Touch to Your Designs


It’s been more than a few years since any of us wrote on a slate using chalk. As old fashioned and tiresome as this process was, it worked wonders to build an individual’s handwriting, simply because it was so much harder to write with chalk on slate than it was to write on paper with a fountain pen! Or let us say, it was difficult to write with chalk on slate and make it look pretty, much easier so with a fountain pen.  Today that is obviously had to imagine, when fountain pens themselves are out of fashion!


From this era of painstaking writings on slate and blackboards arose a typography art form in its own right – the art of making beautiful hand-written fonts on slate and cement, using nothing more than different colored chalks, mostly chalk. 


Fontscafe has put together a collection of three fonts to give you just the feel we speak of above – chalk! Our Chalk Hand Lettering font will work really well wherever you wish to add that chalk-on-slate feel to your design fonts, be it a banner, a paperback cover or an invite! As usual, we have font variations included in the pack to help you put together unique combinations and give your own design a special identity. Our ‘shaded’ variation of the chalk hand lettering is reminiscent of that extra special effort someone had to make to make a chalk-on-board font more special by adding shading to one side of the lettering (its on the right side on our version). Add to that our ‘elements’ variation, which enables you to add unique banner backdrops and design elements, and you have the tools to truly give a black-board slate like presentation to your designs! 


We see this fonts package assisting you in all kinds of designs that require a chalk-on-slate typography effect....and of course, much more!

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Chalk Hand Lettering Pack fonts | Fonts Cafe

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