"Marmellata (Jam)" font. One font, three unique styles...and more.

Marmellata, or Italian for ‘Jam’ brings to mind images of freshly baked breads, breakfast tables and generally a homely disposition, sending across a motherly, comforting feeling. This is exactly why you could choose to use the Marmellata fonts on suitable designs. The most obvious applications of such fonts could be on food items, but why limit your creativity to the obvious?!?! Use these fonts anywhere that you want to convey feelings of warm and positive energy. Some of what we could suggest are – children’s books and websites, kiddie party invitations, nature cures, home remedies, brunch advertisements, cooking classes; maybe even photo restoration services (which of course are more often than not memorable images that speak of happy times gone by). These are but a few fleeting ideas off the top of our heads, and we believe you could find many more uses for these wonderfully happy fonts. 


As you can well imagine, the nature of these fonts makes them extremely flexible and usable, on a variety of different media.


We now present you with two variations of the Marmellata fonts pack – the Jar 1 and the Jar 2! And what’s more, look out for the Alternates freebie which we give with the pack. It gives an aesthetic and symmetric appeal to initial and final characters of your lettering. You could use a combination of the Alternates with the Jar 1 or jar 2 font sets, to make absolutely unique fonts! 


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Marmellata (Jam) Pack font | Fonts Cafe


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